Let Protect-ID
verify a web store

Our script tests a e-commerce site for security and shopping safety

* 24000 people get scammed daily.
Don't be one of them!
Protect-ID.com - Increase eCommerce sales by assuring customer identity protection

Everybody wants to shop safely online!

Protect-ID™ uses advanced algorithms to determine the integrity of an e-commerce solution (or any website, actually). This helps you to avoid fradulent sites and ensure a hassle-free shopping experience.

Protect-ID.com - Increase eCommerce sales by assuring customer identity protection

When in doubt - Check!

18% of users have abandoned a checkout flow during the last 3 months because they “didn’t trust the site with their credit card information”

- Baymard Institute, 2016

Protect-ID.com - Increase eCommerce sales by gaining customer trust

Easy and effective

Online shoppers expect safety and security. Setting up the Protect-ID automatic testing service for webstore owners is free and easy!

Webmasters, submit your site for automatic testing!


“For me it is hard to distinguish real webstores from fake ones. Now I always check the store before I make a purchase”

Protect-ID.com distinguish fake webstores from real ones

Katrin P.

Manager, @Tallinn

“Users have little technical understanding of form field security and rather go by their perceived sense of security.”

“For the small webstore owner it is hard enough to compete with big players such as Amazon or AliExpress. Protect-ID helps us make our e-commerce solutions better.

Protect-ID.com increase eCommerce sales and conversions

Rainer Paenurk

CEO, @Festech