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Let Protect-ID verify a website for security and shopping safety

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* 24000 people get scammed daily. Don't be one of them! - Increase eCommerce sales by assuring customer identity protection

What is Protect-ID?

Protect-ID™ is an objective unbiased system which estimates the quality of a website. It is based on a number of automatic tests and machine learning. - Increase eCommerce sales by assuring customer identity protection

Who is it for?

The service is for everyone who likes to browse and shop safely online. Especially people who are concerned about the safety of their personal data.
Protect-ID, for example, can help you decide whether you should trust an eCommerce site with your credit card information or not. - Increase eCommerce sales by gaining customer trust

How can website owners benefit?

Online merchants can use Protect-ID to find and eliminate flaws in their eCommerce sites. This way they can ensure better shopping experiences for their customers. Better service equals more trust and sales!


“Thoroughly analyzing customer data and showing customers that our store is secure helped us reach new markets and increase our eCommerce sales” increase eCommerce sales and conversions

Bob Strudwick

CTO, @Asos

“Users have little technical understanding of form field security and rather go by their perceived sense of security.
Protect-ID helps simple people make better decisions” increase eCommerce security to get more sales

Priit Pedastsaar

Co Founder, @Protect-ID

“For the small webstore owner it is hard enough to compete with big players such as Amazon or AliExpress. Protect-ID helped us build a better service and gain more clients worldwide. increase eCommerce sales and conversions

Rainer Paenurk

CEO, @Festech