F-Secure ID PROTECTION is an app that prevents you from falling victim to identity theft.

Identity theft happens when someone uses another person’s identity or personal information, such as name, social security number, credit card number, or online credentials without permission to commit a crime or fraud. Resolving identity theft is not easy. Once information gets exposed, it can stay out there for years. The majority of identity theft incidents originate from cyber criminals exploiting users’ weak passwords.

With F-Secure ID PROTECTION, you can protect your own and your family’s personal information against cyber crime.

With F-Secure ID PROTECTION’s Monitoring, you can receive alerts and guidance on how to respond to an incident when your personal information has been found as part of a data breach or data leak.

Today nearly all online services require registration. To be able to use these online services safely, you need to have a unique password for each service. Using the same password for several services puts your personal information at risk. With Vault, F-Secure ID PROTECTION’s password manager, you can improve your security by creating strong and unique passwords. Vault also allows you to sync your passwords across all your devices which means that you have your passwords available to you no matter which one of your devices you are using.