Protection means the world to us

So we’re helping the world to become more secure

About us

If someone offers you an IPhone X for 100$ online - would you go for it?

Today anyone on this planet can shop online globally. Many goods are digital and payment forms using untracable cryptocurrencies are common. Today one can open up a e-commerce site without having a legal name, address, bank account or even a company. This also means that if you get scammed while shopping online, no-one can help you.

Our Service

Protect-ID is built to address this issue. We don't want to be a global e-police service, but we want you to avoid getting scammed.

Our algorithms check the used eCommerce systems and services of your desired web store. If no significant problems are detected, our automatic scripts will let you know. Testing a site only takes a few seconds!

If the tested e-commerce provider does not meet the set security standards, you will also be noticed immediately. In every case, a detailed report about store security features will be prepared and presented. This way you can decide wether to trust the merchant or not.

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